Hungarian German sausage bratwurst supplier Hungarian German sausage bratwurst supplier Hungarian German sausage bratwurst supplier
Monster Franks is available here for ur home meals, restaurant, hotels, tapsilogan, pack meals, restobars etc.
CALL or text to order 09173088878

MF Dealers and Distributor are welcome, earn big as ur sideline or fulltime business.

Since 2008, we manufacture the finest authentic German sausages twisted to bite the filipino taste.
Monster Franks production team maintains the MF Purity Law, that is to produce sausages using only 'meat, water, spices'.

Cheese hungarian
Cheese krainer
Honey garlic
Hot italian
10 pcs per pack. 325per pack. 32.50 each 125g. If per kilo, 260 per kilo of 8pcs. Hungarian is the bestseller. Bratwurst for non.spicy.

Jalapeno sausage
Jalapeno n' cheese
English banger
10 pcs per pack. 375 per pack. 37.50 each 125g. If per kilo, 300 per kilo 8pc

Shipping charges:
50 per pack for 25pks.
130 for 15pks
180 for 10pks.
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Contact #: 09173088878
Posted: March 22, 2016
Profiting meat sausage food business
The Area Dealership with production facility + 5 monster franks stores.

For inquiry call 09173088878

Be part of the biggest market in the food industry: meat processing business with the ONE and ONLY sausage kingdom- MONSTER FRANKS, a company in Cebu engaged in the manufacture of lasang pinoy gourmet chorizo with monthly production volume of 18,000 sausages. Since 2008, Monster Franks stood as the premiere sausage house in a kiosk and is the one and only sausage concept that is able to manufacture its own product. The company is now OPEN to AREA DEALERSHIP in your selected territory nationwide. Become the exclusive manufacturer of MF products in your local community, establish your franchise network, bring on the goodness of monster franks gourmet, freshly produce from your own MF factory.

see the attached brochures for detail

Set-up and operate your own Monster Franks Production facility in your area. Establish 5 MF stores to immediately gain market attraction and huge market impact in your area. Exclusive rights to sell franchise licenses, collection of franchise fee's, royalty fee's within your area of coverage.

Distribute MF product of sausages to all retail outlets withing your area coverage:

grocery and supermarkets
hotel and restaurants , resorts
franchise stores
company owned stores
tapsilogan and carenderia market
call centers and BPO offices
street food vending
schools and university

Area Dealership Inclusions:
Disclosure of tradesecret and technique in the manufacture of authentic german sausages.
Disclosure of proven production management system using standard corporate forms: inventory reports, daily, monthly sales reports.
Use of Monster Franks design packaging labels for supermarket and grocery items.
Training of service crew and supervisor, production crew, production team leader.
All equipments, machineries, utensils needed to set-up and operate the monster franks production facility.

Kickstart your production and surprise the neighborhood with 5 new monster franks stores in your area:
All equipments and utensils needed to operate the 5 monster franks store.
5 unit MF Foodcart with built up lighted signage, cabinet and locks, lighted menuboard.

Option 2: also open to Area Dealership for CEBU - established and running 7 years with existing volume. 15,000 sausages.
See the sample scenario
Dave Ong's Shop
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Contact #: 09173088878
Posted: March 22, 2016
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